Spring Boot 3 is here. where are you?

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Tuesday, 1:30 – 3:30 PM

Length: 120 minutes

Room: Workshop A


Platform teams define Golden Paths to specify the standard way to create, build and deploy an application or library. These are usually applied using templates, such as Cookiecutter. This provides autonomy to stream aligned teams to customize them. Are you faced with upgrading dozens of services to Spring Boot 3? Want an easier way to apply all that you’ve seen at work? In this workshop we’ll explore automation to get your old Spring projects onto the new Spring Boot 3.1. And we’re not just changing version numbers; we’re actually changing code to adopt breaking changes. Currently, there are several solutions to automatically upgrade the dependencies. However, in order to take advantage of the Spring API functionalities, it is necessary to also upgrade the source code, which usually conflicts with product priorities. In this workshop, we will explore tooling to migrate to Spring Boot 3.1 and beyond, centered around OpenRewrite. Topics include OpenRewrite itself, writing migration recipes, Spring Tool Suite and Spring Boot Migrator. We’ll explore challenges and limitations along the way, such that you can migrate on your own.


Intellij Gradle JDK 17 and JDK 8 Maven GitHub account Git

Day & time

Tuesday, 1:30 – 3:30 PM

Intended audience

Spring Boot application developers

  • Raquel Pau

    Raquel Pau is Engineering Manager at Moderne, which automates software refactoring at scale. She has extensive experience building developer tools (e.g walkmod) to improve the developer productivity. Previously, she worked as a growth product manager at CloudBees and Athenean, designing a new generation of developer tools. She also worked as a software engineer at Schibsted designing developer workflows to reduce the lead time for more than 1000 developers. She has also completed an EMBA at ESADE Business School.

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  • Tim te Beek

    Tim te Beek is a staff software engineer at Moderne, which automates software refactoring at scale. He has extensive experience contributing to and presenting on Open Source software within the Java ecosystem. Previously he worked as a consultant specializing in migration engineering and developer productivity.