Making the web Svelter (tm) with SvelteKit

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Tuesday, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Length: 240 minutes

Room: Workshop E


Single page apps and the library frameworks that supports them have transformed the web and moved the post regarding what the users expects from a web application. In all their glory, however, they do come with some drawbacks. For starters they mostly have a steep learning curve, forcing the developer to invest a significant amount of time to get acquainted with their library of choice. The nature of SPAs mean that the size of the application grows along the apps’ functionality, while often forcing the developers into a complex programming regime. In between SPAs and traditional web apps we find Svelte, occupying a new segment - transitional apps. As Svelte is a compiler and not a library, it gets around some of the constraints of the SPA libraries, being able to build extremely fast websites with a small footprint - as svelte can include only the parts you actually use instead of the whole library. This also means that the feature set offered with Svelte can grow without impacting the size and complexity of your own app. The development process is easy to get started with, while retaining the power needed to build complex apps that have the features a user have come to expect from a web app in 2021. In this workshop you will learn to build a complete website with SvelteKit, complete with backend requests, API development, server side rendering, and the reactivity you have come to expect from a modern web app.


Some tools should be installed before attending the workshop: - Git - NPM - Node (a recent version)

Day & time

Tuesday, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Intended audience

The expected audience are frontend developers wanting to learn about Svelte and SvelteKit. The talk will start with an empty slate and build up a full web application from start to finish, developing an API as development progress.

  • Joachim Haagen Skeie

    Joachim Haagen Skeie is a full stack developer, and author of Ember.js in Action (Manning Publications), have been involved with javaBin and Teknologihuset during the mid 2010s, and run a makerspace for kids in Oslo up until the pandemic hit. Joachims current role is as a tech lead at NorgesGruppen Data, from august 2023 as a senior consultant/tech lead at Experis.

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