Video editing on the command line aka. what happens when you ask a programmer to edit your video

Presentation 📣

English 🇬🇧

Thursday, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Length: 60 minutes

Room: Room 7


Most people, when asked to edit a video, use programs like Premiere Pro, Final Cut, or (😬) Windows Movie Maker. But that takes time. And clicking. Also, we're developers! We love the command line! If we could, we'd probably control our whole lives with iTerm2, kitty or the Visual Studio Code console. The story of this talk started an afternoon when I was just trying to compress a video file I had lying around. Of course I wanted to do it from the command line. This ended up pulling me down into a rabbit hole of digital video, codecs and compression schemes. I'm now poking my head up to tell you all about it! Everything from how to edit video in your favourite shell and with your favourite coding language, to the inner workings of video and what makes it so clever. And just a little about how all of this is heavily used in the products that surround us every day. Live demos included. While being a complex topic, it's not as magic as you might think. Let's demystify video together!

Day & time

Thursday, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Intended audience

No prior knowledge of video editing or programming needed! You'll probably enjoy the content a lot more if you have some experience with the command line. But the talk is meant to be lighthearted, give you some "aha"s and focus on the demystifying parts.

  • Benedicte Emilie Brækken

    Benedicte lives for the command line! 👩‍💻 She's one of those people who still use mutt 😅 And for those of you in the know, that should be enough ethos. When COVID hit, she got super passionate about home office video conferencing gear 🎥, and spent most of her paycheck on DACs, microphones and cameras. This, among other things, sparked a deep passion for all things video, streaming, and recording, which she's looking forward to share with you all! 🎉

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