Continuous accessibility testing

Workshop 👥

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Tuesday, 3:45 – 5:45 PM

Length: 120 minutes

Room: Workshop C


In modern software development, with short sprints or even continuous deployment of code, time for manual testing can often be scarce. If we want to properly test for accessibility, we need to make every effort to automate what can be automated, so we can spend our time where it is most valuable. By attending this workshop, you will get hands-on experience with different tools to test for accessibility. We will cover linting, unit testing and ui-/integration testing using Eslint, React Testing Library, Cypress and Axe. You will also learn about which types of tests you can't automate, and be introduced to some tools to aid your manual testing. This workshop is best suited for developers and technical testers, or others who know how to run a Node.js application. In order to get the most out of the time at the workshop, it is beneficial to pre-install Git and Node beforehand.


Participants should bring a laptop with Node, Git and their choice of IDE pre-installed.

Day & time

Tuesday, 3:45 – 5:45 PM

Intended audience

Primarily directed at frontend developers. Participants will learn how to add different levels of accessibility testing to their projects, and which tools work best for different types of errors. Some previous experience with frontend (React/NodeJS) development is beneficial.

  • Vegard Haugstvedt

    An experienced frontend developer who has worked with accessibility for almost a decade, Vegard started working for NAV's design system team, Aksel, this year. There, he gets to work in the cross-section between frontend development, design and accessibility, just like he likes it! He is a recurring speaker at several Norwegian conferences, primarily trying to spread the good word about accessibility, to help others learn how they can make their websites work for everyone. His career goal is to make the web a more accessible space.

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