Quarkus Deep Dive

Workshop 👥

English 🇬🇧

Tuesday, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Length: 240 minutes

Room: Workshop A


Java is a great programming language, however 'traditional' Java isn't so great to work with when it comes to modern, Cloud Native development. Quarkus is a (fairly) new Java stack that addresses issues such as the typical slow startup time and rather large memory usage that hinder the adoption of Java in container and/or Serverless workloads. Quarkus is not just useful for optimizing resource usage though. There is also a big focus on improving the developer experience. In this session we'll take a look at how Quarkus is very easy to work with and allows developers to work with containers and external dependencies such as databases, Kafka clusters, Kubernetes etc without being experts in any of these technologies. Not to mention that there is no need to manually recompile/redeploy to see any of these changes. After this session, the audience should come away with inspiration to build modern Cloud Native applications with Java and Quarkus, and have fun doing so!


We'll go through setup/signup instructions at the beginning of the lab. Windows users: You may need WSL2 and/or a VM with Linux or containerized environment for some of the advanced commands. If you do not have WSL enabled please install Podman Desktop (https://podman-desktop.io/docs/Installation/windows-install) or Docker Desktop beforehand. Linux or MacOS users should be good to go.

Day & time

Tuesday, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Intended audience

Developers of any experience level. Some Java experience and familiarity with Maven or containers is helpful but not required.

  • Kevin Dubois

    Kevin is a software engineer and developer advocate at Red Hat who is on a mission to supercharge developer joy and productivity using Open Source as the guiding light. He is a frequent conference speaker, talking mostly about Java, Quarkus and Cloud Native Development and Deployment practices. Kevin previously worked as a (Lead) Software Engineer at a variety of organizations ranging from small startups to large US enterprises and even the Belgian public sector. In his free time you can find Kevin somewhere in the wild hiking, gravel biking, snowboarding down mountains or packrafting (up and) down WW rivers.

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