JourneyZone 2023

What is this?

JourneyZone is our annual trip exclusively for speakers just after the JavaZone conference. This year we will travel to Åndalsnes. Åndalsnes is located is located at the end of the Romsdalen walley which features some of the most spectacular scenery in the entire country.

When? Where?

We are leaving Oslo early in the morning Friday (the day after JavaZone) September 8th. We will be back in Oslo (Central station) in the afternoon on Sunday, September 10th. We will travel by train from Oslo to Åndalsnes (which will include the famous and scenic Raumabanen)The entire trip is planned, so all you need to do is meet up. You will need your outdoor equipment for hiking. We will send a more detailed packing list closer to the event.

Team picture on top of Åndalsnes

Who can attend?

All speakers of JavaZone are invited, but we have a limited number of spots available for the journey. Those who hold full presentations and workshops are prioritized, but presenters of lightning talks are of course also welcome to apply!

In order to attend, you must be in a physical condition that allows you to hike up a mountain. No extraordinary physical activity is required by participants.

Personal expenses

JavaZone will cover almost all your expenses which is considered your reward for holding your talk at the conference. To ensure that we stretch the budget to accommodate as many as possible we require that all attendees pay NOK 1500.

The program

The program is, as usual, tightly packed and full of interesting events. The main activities are hiking and cycling, so good shoes and hiking gear and clothes are absolutely necessary. The details will be a surprise and could change depending on the weather conditions. We will adapt to whatever comes our way and set up a great program accordingly.

Picture of woman looking down at Åndalsnes