Food at JavaZone 🍔

Welcome to the JavaZone culinary circus that promises to tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your cravings throughout the conference. We have carefully curated a selection of eight restaurants that will be serving a diverse array of mouthwatering dishes, ensuring that attendees with various preferences and allergies can enjoy their meals to the fullest.

Webstep logo

Pulled Beef Taco

with pickled cabbage and chipotle mayo

(egg, mustard, celery, gluten, wheat)

Please ask the chefs for gluten free option and/or vegan mayo


with chili cheese and salsa picante


Kodemaker logo

Korean BBQ Pork Skewers

with marinated rice, kimchi and chili mayo

(egg, mustard, soy, celery, fish)

Sushi Bowl

with spicy salmon, marinated rice, edamame, pomegranate, wasabi mayo and broken ponzu

(fish, soy, gluten, wheat, egg, mustard)

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Pulled Goat Sliders

with grilled corn cream and pickled kale

(milk, gluten, wheat)

Please ask the chefs for gluten free option

Grilled Corn on the Cob

with dried chili, cilantro, lime and honey mayo

(egg, mustard, gluten, wheat)

Bekk logo

Mac & Cheese

with samba sausage

(gluten, milk, wheat, pork)


with herbs, salt and smoked bacon


Systek logo


with cheddar cheese and steak or creamed spinach

(egg, mustard, gluten, wheat)

Loaded Hot Dog

Wiener sausage in a bun loaded with cheddar cheese, pickles, onion and smoked paprika

(pork, egg, mustard, lactose, gluten, wheat)

Please ask the chefs for a gluten free bun

Capgemini logo


freshly made with different flavors

(egg, nuts, gluten, wheat)

Cotton Candy

with raspberry flavor

Cake Pops:

Carrot Cake

(gluten, wheat, milk, egg)

Red velvet cake

(gluten, wheat, milk, egg, soy)


(gluten, wheat, milk, egg, soy)

Accenture logo

Hot Daal - lentil stew

with coconut, cilantro and green chili


with Birds Eye chili sauce and mango

(gluten, wheat)

Chana Masala

with rice and vegan Raita

(mustard, celery)

Marinated olives

Focaccia (gluten, wheat) & Vegan mayo (mustard)

Bean and lemon salad

Cauliflower salad with pomegranate

Grilled pumpkin with lentils and lovage

Kale salad with apple vinaigrette

Green salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Salt baked potatoes with vegan oil (mustard)

Knowit logo

Korean Corn Dog

with honey mustard and gochujang

(egg, gluten, wheat)

Soft Ice

served with belgian waffle and various toppings

(egg, gluten, wheat, lactose)

For attendees with allergies or dietary restrictions, rest assured that each restaurant is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable dining experience. Our chefs are well-versed in accommodating gluten, nut, dairy, and other common allergies. Simply inform the restaurant staff of your dietary needs, and they will guide you through the menu or offer personalized suggestions.

Take a look at this interview with our head chef below!

As you savor these delicious dishes, take comfort in knowing that we have taken every measure to make your dining experience during the conference not only flavorful but also sustainable and inclusive. Bon appétit!